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The world of digital and social media moves quickly. Although at first glance, managing your social media presence effectively may appear to be a simple task, it is easy to become overwhelmed and lose sight of your primary objectives.

Optimizing your online presence requires a deep understanding of effective best practices and the latest tools. Because the social landscape is continuously changing, the best strategies can quickly become outdated. Given the constant variability, it is difficult to keep up without being distracted from your most critical task.

Though it may feel like you are the only one left behind and confused, you are definitely not alone. Your challenge is a common one.

Whether you are looking to craft a new social media strategy or simply learn more about best practices, you are in the right place. Please feel free to explore the website and get in touch if you’re looking for expert assistance or a speaker for your next event.

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I hired Irene when my company was experiencing a social media “coming of age,” of sorts. I needed a talented, senior-level, creative contributor who could quickly get up to speed with a plan for better engagement and, most important, help me execute on this plan. Within a very short period of time we experienced at minimum 250% improvement on our engagement, our connection recruitment, and even our anecdotal interactions with our customers and partners had improved. She’s reliable, responsive, thoughtful, intuitive, cautious and has a great gut instinct. She understands the balance between communicating and promoting, and she really knows how to turn a company into a human organization that can really connect with its audience. I would, and will, hire Irene again in the future.
Jennifer Leggio  - HomeJennifer Leggio, Vice President, Corporate Marketing
Irene turned a skeptic into a believer. I came to her wanting to boost my professional visibility through improving my social profiles. What I came away with, beyond achieving that objective, was a shift in perspective. I had been thinking me-me-me. Irene taught me to focus my energy on valuable engagement-engagement-engagement. Irene provided smart, actionable guidance with the proper context around it. She provided the why something was suggested, not just the how. I needed that context so I could buy into doing things in certain ways. Executives and experienced marketers looking to up their game would benefit greatly from working with Irene. Ours was a joyful experience too, we laughed a lot.
Catherine Richards - HomeCatherine Richards, Global Lead, Corporate Communications, IT Security
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