Accelerate Your LinkedIn Business Results

Without the Overwhelm


  • Wish you could attract more targeted, qualified leads
  • Fed up with wasting time on social media without getting results 
  • Determined to be seen as the industry expert you are
  • Ready to take your successful service-based business to the next level

I get it. I’ve been in your shoes. I’ve spent years learning; finding success and making mistakes along the way. With these lessons learned and a desire to see clients thrive, I would be thrilled to see you benefit from them.

Get results that make a difference in your business and in your life!

Irene Koehler, LinkedIn Expert

Your LinkedIn Expert, Irene Koehler

LinkedIn on a phone with computer nearby

These business-changing results are possible once you start using LinkedIn the right way

  • Increase revenue
  • Attract the attention of your ideal clients
  • Be recognized as a trusted industry expert
  • Convert leads with greater ease
  • Stand out among others doing similar work

Three Ways Irene Works With Her Clients

Meet Irene Koehler

It is so frustrating to see so many service-based business owners investing time and resources on social media in an effort to connect with and convert their dream clients only to leave frustrated with their lackluster results. It isn’t for lack of trying. The problem is almost always a lack of clarity, focus, and strategy. I love turning these problems into opportunities for clients and seeing them thrive!

Let me share a story if you think that having tech knowledge is necessary to use LinkedIn to boost your business.

Many years ago, I set up an event announcement on Eventbrite. It took me from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM to finish the page. What I lacked in know-how, I made up for with determination. For the past 15 years, I have been teaching and coaching social media marketing. I found a way to master LinkedIn and can help you get results too.

Irene Koehler social media strategist speaking

I came to Irene wanting to boost my professional visibility. What I came away with, beyond achieving that objective, was a shift in perspective. Irene provided smart, actionable guidance with the proper context around it. She provided the why something was suggested, not just the how. Executives and experienced marketers looking to up their game would benefit greatly from working with Irene. Ours was a joyful experience too, we laughed a lot!

Catherine R.

Irene speaking on stage at small business tech conference