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LeWeb Bingo! Watch and Play Along!

Here in Paris, the excitement about LeWeb is palpable. While the actual conference will take place over the next two days, there are many pre-conference parties and activities today. For those of you who aren't lucky enough to be here, the entire event will be streamed live. If for any reason, that link doesn't work, just go to the LeWeb homepage, I'm sure there will be an updated link, if needed. Whether you are participating in person or via the web, I invite you to have a little fun with the content by playing LeWeb Bingo. If you've never played bingo, it works like this:

Getting Ready for LeWeb, Need Your Ideas

Though I don't yet have a place to stay, a map of Paris, or any appropriate winter clothes, I am indeed heading to LeWeb as one of three Official Bloggers from the U.S. While I'm there, I would like to ask one question of those I meet. If you had the opportunity to meet technology and social media users and entrepreneurs from around the globe, what one question would you ask them?

Creating Evangelists: Social Media the Cirque du Soleil Way

As part of Cirque du Soleil's social media strategy, a number of bloggers attending BlogWorld in Las Vegas were invited to attend one of their fabulous shows. With six completely different Cirque shows in Las Vegas, choosing one proved a daunting task. As a result, I am now official ruined. It is hard to imagine any theatrical experience topping the feast for the senses that is LOVE, Cirque's tribute to The Beatles. It is a high energy show in which cast members defy gravity and the line between performance space and audience members is blurred. It's as if LOVE dug deep into my imagination and created it all on stage, and making it all much cooler and more psychedelic in the process.

Use Social Media to Be Human: Tips from Michael Brito

Sure, we've seen big brands using social media. We see them online on Facebook and Twitter, though we're not always quite sure what they're doing there. Are they there to sell products? Reply to customer complaints? Monitor our conversations? More importantly, if they are using the tools and platforms sucessfully, is there anything that those of us with small businesses can learn from them? Are the strategies applicable to small businesses without the same brand recognition?

Guess Who’s An Official Blogger for LeWeb 09!

Me? Really? You know that feeling when that really attractive person looks over at you and you're really pleased with yourself, but still wondering if they are *really* giving that "Hey, baby!" look to someone right behind you? Well, OK, maybe it's just me. That is exactly how I felt when I first received the email that began, "I'm happy to let you know that you are one of the lucky (and talented) bloggers who are receiving an accreditation to attend the conference LeWeb'09 in Paris, December 9-10th, as Official Bloggers."

New to Social Media? Step 1: Be a Consumer

In the last post, you heard Chris Brogan describe how important having a blog can become in the quest to be found more readily online. Should you be thinking about taking the plunge, you'll want to be sure to watch this video first. Today, bestselling author Jennifer Kushell suggests taking the time to become familiar with what others are doing online before feeling the pressure to jump feel first into social media.

Blogging – Just Do It!

Holy Toledo, am I having a great time at BlogWorld! I'm exhausted, energized, and inspired. In my last post, I invited you to share your questions about blogs and blogging and promised that I'd seek out various bloggers to share their thoughts and advice. You certainly didn't disappoint! You sent your questions via Twitter, the AlmostSavvy Facebook page, and comments on my blog.

What Would You Ask a Blogger?

I am *so* not a Las Vegas person. All the lights, people, gambling and drinking really aren't my thing. Why then would I be packing to spend a few days in to Vegas? If you're thinking it must be a pretty compelling reason, you're right. I'm excited to be attended BlogWorld in Las Vegas this year, along with thousands of other bloggers. Bloggers with a huge following, bloggers just getting started. Mommy bloggers, military bloggers, real estate bloggers. Lots of social media bloggers.

The Re-Branding of Me: Website Under Construction

This is one of my favorite lines to use when I speak about everything from managing one's own online presence to how to prepare for a job interview. If we are not going to put our best selves out there, why bother showing up at all? It takes hard work to stand out from the crowd. If we are lucky enough to be noticed, we have only a brief opportunity to make an impression. If all goes according to plan, the impression is a good one.

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