images - Creating Evangelists: Social Media the Cirque du Soleil WayAs part of Cirque du Soleil‘s social media strategy, a number of bloggers attending BlogWorld in Las Vegas were invited to attend one of their fabulous shows. With six completely different Cirque shows in Las Vegas, choosing just one proved a daunting task, but I eventually selected LOVE.

It is hard to imagine any theatrical experience topping the feast for the senses that is LOVE, Cirque’s tribute to The Beatles. It is a high energy show in which cast members defy gravity and the line between performance space and audience members is blurred. It’s as if LOVE? dug deep into my imagination and re-created it all on stage, while making it all much cooler and more psychedelic in the process.

A key part of a successful social media business strategy is identifying those with influence and an interest in your brand, and then finding a way to engage them turning them into fans and evangelists. This strategy was definitely in play here. Results: Did I attend LOVE because I was offered a ticket? Yes, absolutely. Am I now a huge Cirque fan because I was offered a ticket? Absolutely not. It was 100% positively fantastical and fabulous. Will I continue to tell folks heading to Vegas that they should find a way to see LOVE? You bet.

Again, an example of marketing at its finest – create interest up front and then blow their socks off by delivering beyond expectations. A finely-tuned marketing and social media strategy which creates a level of buzz, but isn’t matched by the actual experience or product in real life will do nothing other than create a group of disappointed, and likely vocal, customers.

To learn more about how Cirque du Soleil is using social media, I spoke with Cirque Social Media Manager, Jessica Berlin.


Have you seen examples of brands using social media well or others missing the mark? Please add your thoughts.


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