LeWeb logoThough I don’t yet have a place to stay, a map of Paris, or any appropriate winter clothes, I am indeed heading to LeWeb as one of three Official Bloggers from the U.S.

While I’m there, I would like to ask one question of those I meet. If you had the opportunity to meet technology and social media users and entrepreneurs from around the globe, what one question would you ask them? It can be related to software, hardware; serious or fun. I am most interested to know what you, the AlmostSavvy community, want to know from them. I will ask them and compile their answers into one blog post once I’ve returned.

To that end, I would really like to get your suggestions. To give you a bit more context, you may want to check-out the line-up of speakers on the LeWeb site and watch the video below.

And…to further show my appreciate for you, the AlmostSavvy community, do I have a deal for you! I’ve got a few extra invitations to Google Wave and will randomly select some of the commenters. So, when you comment, please also let me know if you’d be interested in a Google Wave invitation. Even if you aren’t, please share your thoughts. I want to hear from you!

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