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You know that feeling when that really good-looking person looks over at you and you’re really pleased with yourself for a moment, but then wonder if they are *really* giving that “Hey, baby!” look to someone right behind you? Well, OK, maybe it’s just me. That is exactly how I felt when I first received the email that began, “I’m happy to let you know that you are one of the lucky (and talented) bloggers who are receiving an accreditation to attend the conference LeWeb’09 in Paris, December 9-10th, as Official Bloggers.” Finally, it’s settling in that maybe that email was, in fact, meant for me.

What is LeWeb? The LeWeb website describes this year’s event as follows:

Over 1800 participants from 30 countries in Paris for the #1 European Internet event

The theme for the 2009 LeWeb Program is “Real-Time Web

The real time web is taking the world by storm! Twitter has grown exponentially in one year with an extremely simple service that does only one thing keep you in touch with what your friends are doing, in real time. Facebook entirely redesigned its most important assets, its home page and opened its feed to third parties.
Given the growth of the Twitter and Facebook ecosystems with thousands of applications and new uses, startups as well all major players are adapting their services to compete in this environment. There was the static web, the social web and now here comes a new web: the real-time web.

Reading the list of LeWeb Official Bloggers, you’ll quickly note that it is a diverse group, coming from many different countries. In addition to me, there are two others invited from the United States. What an enormous honor it is to be selected!

What I blog about while I am at the conference will be partially up to you. Stay tuned for more information about this very soon.

In the meantime, I’d better dust-off that passport!


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