screaming computerThe Context

If you are online using any sort of social media, you know that it has been a wild roller-coaster ride lately. The primary networking platforms which many of us use – Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn – have all undergone huge changes, seemingly at a breakneck pace. Some have been well communicated in advance, many weren’t. Some have been well-received, many have led to frustration. A few have worked well immediately upon launch, most seem full of bugs and perform inconsistently.

It’s no wonder that so many of you are frustrated and confused. You’ve been through it all. With an array of buttons to click here and there to manage privacy, sync updates with other sites, and manage spam – how is a person supposed to keep up? All this, in addition to having your account hacked. It can be a challenge. Not doubt about it.

What’s Happening Now

I’ve forged relationships with many of you. I cherish each one of those relationships and deeply appreciate your trust. What has happened, though, is that every day I receive emails, DMs (private tweets) or other requests for help. Since these are all out of the public view, I’m sure you don’t realize how much of my time is spent answering questions.

I have three concerns about this:

  1. I have to be perfectly candid and acknowledge that it takes a huge amount of time to manage each interaction, as most involve several back and forth messages. While I enjoy doing this and want you to continue to ask for help, I have to be practical also.
  2. Chances are very high that if you have the problem or question, you are not the only one who would like to know the solution. Since these interactions are private, no one else gets the benefit of hearing the advice or solution.
  3. I don’t always know the answer. But, we’ve got some brilliant folks in our community who may know the answer or have advice to share.


My Request and Solution

Whenever possible, I invite you to post your question to the AlmostSavvy Facebook fan page. This addresses all three issues above. Trust me, you aren’t the only one with that question. And, if you have an answer or suggestion for someone else’s question, by all means, add your input – please!

Most importantly, keep those questions coming. This just gives us a home for the interaction to take place within our community.

If you haven’t already joined AlmostSavvy on Facebook, doing so only requires visiting the page and clicking the “Become A Fan” button at the top of the page. If you are reading this on my blog, just click the button (top, right – under my picture) and you’re in! Of course, you’ll need to have already set up a Facebook account, but with well over 300 million people on Facebook, it could be just the place for you to (re)connect with your favorite people.

Your Thoughts

How does this sound to you?

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