From the AlmostSavvy mailbag:

Rod asks: “I’ve noticed that I’m able to see some people’s full LinkedIn profiles when clicking on their link, but when clicking on the link to my own profile, I see very little information. Do I need to have a paid membership to have everything visible”

Excellent question, Rod! The good news is that this is easy to fix and it will cost you only a few minutes of your time (and that includes viewing the video below). How’s that for a great deal!

When you share the link to your profile on LinkedIn with potential employers or clients, do you know what they’ll be able to view when they click? If they aren’t a LinkedIn member or aren’t currently signed in, they may not be able to see your complete profile. This is bad news – bad, bad news. I mean, you wouldn’t have shared the link with them if you were secretly hoping it would be really hard for them to see your information, right? Of course not.

Here’s how to find out what they can see and, if there’s a problem, how to fix it right away:

While this seems like a small tweak, this can make all the difference. We feel more comfortable doing business with people who have put in the time to make a good impression and who are savvy enough to make it dead easy to learn about them.

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