Today’s post is in response to a question I’ve received from a few people lately.  With the most recent redesign of Facebook, some people are finding it much more difficult to keep up with their favorite fan pages as their updates drift by in the stream along with your friends’ status updates. Most often, you’ve joined a fan page because you’re hoping to learn, interact, take advantage of limited-time deals, etc. Much of this takes place in real time, so you may have missed an opportunity if you don’t see the update until a few days after it was posted.

Here is a quick and easy way to organize your content stream on Facebook using Friends Lists, so that you will be more likely to see the updates from your favorite pages.

You can easily take this a step further if you have a lot of fan pages you’d like to track closely. Simply create more than one list. You may want to create separate lists for business fan pages, retail fan pages, and hobby fan pages. Organize them in a way which makes your favorite content easier to find.

Was this tip helpful? Do you try to keep up with groups and fan pages that you join on Facebook?

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