Learning to maximize the benefits of using social media can easily seem an overwhelming task. Toss in keeping abreast of constant changes and the latest tips and tricks, and it suddenly feels like a full-time job just hunting down the information you need from sources you can trust.

Enter Social Media Informer, a new website which brings together advice and insights from an all-star team of social media bloggers, making it a simple task to quickly scan the latest news and search many blogs with just one click.

Interested in reading up on how to get the most out of LinkedIn? Would you like to read strategies for starting your own blog? Looking for some how-to tutorials to walk you through a new platform step-by-step? Social Media Informer makes it easy to find what you want and to take advantage of the experience of those who are in the brutal social media trenches every day (hey, we do it for you!).

The opportunity to discover wonderful bloggers you’d never otherwise have stumbled across is part of the beauty of a site like Social Media Informer. I’m already reading many of the blogs on the site, but I’ve found a few new gems as well. When you click on one of the articles, you are taken directly to that author’s blog. Appreciate their content and style? Why not subscribe while you’re there?

I encourage you to take a peek at the site and let me know what you think. You’ll find plenty of killer content from bloggers with fantastic reputations for consistently delivering value. If you look closely, you may even see at least one familiar name.

Disclosure (though there is nothing to disclose here): Social Media Informer does not pay me for access to my content and I don’t pay them to share it. Just in case you were wondering.