The story is as old as time itself: Technology which played an important role in the formative years of one generation has been adopted, dare I say, commandeered, by a younger generation.

As I read Are Baby Boomers Killing Facebook and Twitter? I was taken aback at first, being a Baby Boomer myself. Then, I realized we could have a little fun with this and allowed my thoughts to wander to an older form of communication – radio. Are Facebook and Twitter just the new radio? Is it really new to wonder why some other group is invading “your” space?

I remember gathering as a family to enjoy dramatic radio programs together. Does anyone do this anymore? No one has the time or attention span. Those darn kids now use the radio to play their own music. Imagine that! Long gone are The Lone Ranger and The Green Hornet. Music by Peter, Paul and Mary and Woody Guthrie has been replaced by Green Day* and Lil Wayne. What’s become of the world of radio?

And, to make matters worse, my own daughter constantly asks to switch the station when we’re in the car. The nerve of her! She expects me to tailor my use of the radio to accommodate her tastes and preferences.? Doesn’t she know that the radio was not invented for her generation? She’s got her Facebook; why mess with my radio?

Of course, I write this completely tongue-in-cheek. Every generation seems to be protective of what they deem to be their own domain. I am not without choices as to how to respond to the hijacking of my dear trusted friend, the radio. I can refuse to consider how others would like to use it for the sharing of information and music when it does not mesh with my own tastes. Or, I could share the radio with them, benefiting from the opportunity to learn from the noise-they-call-music and the opportunity to share what real music sounds like. In short, our collective experiences might actually leave us all enriched.

Does technology “belong” to any one group or generation? Can/should it be used to share our experiences more broadly and connect with others in new and different ways?

What do you think? Is Generation Y killing radio? Are Baby Boomers Killing Facebook and Twitter? Is there really any difference?

*Truth is I really like Green Day, just don’t let it get around