You’ve learned what to do. 

Now it’s time to execute and keep the momentum going.

It's time for the

Are you ready to reliably put LinkedIn to work for you in order to achieve your goals?


Get more targeted client leads on your calendar

Become a recognized industry expert

Book more speaking engagements


All of this is possible if you’re willing to strategically focus and execute


Imagine the growth you will experience with six months of support, including:


 Build your network of relevant connections
 Gain followers interested in your zone of genius
  Significantly improve your visibility and discoverability
  Establishing yourself as an industry expert
 Building trust with your target audience
 Strategically promote yourself by attracting and inviting others to work with you

As a member of the LinkedIn Ignite Community, you will receive:


  Continued access to program modules and lessons, including any updates
 New lessons every month to keep your knowledge of best practices current
  Access to the private LinkedIn Ignite Community 24/7 to share ideas and get feedback from others who’ve completed LinkedIn Ignite.
 Weekly live Office Hours: Get your questions answered and receive helpful advice
✓  Office Hours replays available to watch as often as you’d like
  Accountability every week with Get Sh*t Done sessions
  Receive detailed analytics reports for your personal LinkedIn account and activity to measure your growth and learn what’s working and what isn’t. “You can’t improve what you don’t measure.”