Here in Paris, the excitement about LeWeb is palpable. While the actual conference will take place over the next two days, there are many pre-conference parties and activities today.? I’m thrilled to be here as one of the LeWeb Official Bloggers and looking forward to meeting many of my peers from around the world.

One peek at the agenda and it is easy to see that the conference is packed full of meaty content. For those of you who aren’t lucky enough to be here, you may watch the events below. If for any reason, the embedded videos don’t work, just go to the LeWeb homepage, I’m sure there will be an updated link, if needed.

Whether you are participating in person or via the web, I invite you to have a little fun with the content by playing LeWeb Bingo. If you’ve never played bingo, it works like this:

  1. Print one or both Bingo “cards” and keep it with you as you listen to the presentations. (To print, click on the image once, then click on it again. You’ll get a nice, large image suitable for printing.)
  2. As you hear one of the speakers use one of the terms listed somewhere on the Bingo card, place a large X in that square.
  3. The center square is a “free” spot. It automatically counts as having an X.
  4. When you have an entire row, column or diagonal filled with X’s, you have Bingo! (I only advise yelling the traditional “Bingo!” if you are watching remotely and are alone at home. Yelling at the conference is done at your own risk.)
  5. If you really want to win it all, go for a “blackout” – which means you continue to play until all squares on your card have an X. (And, by “win it all”, I mean that you get absolutely nothing as there are no prizes at all. You may, however, feel free to wager with a friend to see who will achieve “blackout” first.)


Let the games – and the exciting presentations – begin!

LeWeb bingo.001

LeWeb bingo1.001

Live streaming from the Main Stage at LeWeb:
Video chat rooms at Ustream

Live streaming from Salle 400 at LeWeb:
Live TV : Ustream

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