Our audience was begging for more! Irene was an ideal speaker for our organization’s event. Her candid style was natural, charming, and entertaining. While attendees represented a wide range of business models, each left with useful nuggets of sound, actionable advice to apply to their branding and strategy. In addition to her practical know-how, Irene is gifted at explaining the technology using real-life analogies that make sense to all, regardless of their level of expertise. Super-relevant content + engaging speaker = captivated audience who kept asking questions, and did not want the session to end!

Lisa S.

I needed help to refine my LinkedIn profile and found Irene in California. Hers is a niche field but takes special knowledge. Irene helped me to frame the narrative better, by giving me insights that enabled me to take a step back from my original profile and look at it with new eyes. I soon got a commission from a client in the US as a result of the profile update.

Matthew dS

Irene is an INCREDIBLE personal branding expert, teacher, and builder of people. She is a practitioner who also teaches, simplifying the complex– ultra patient and effective. I’ve been honored to work with her over the years– and I highly recommend her.

Dennis Y.