Jennifer Kushell 200x300 - New to Social Media? Step 1: Be a ConsumerIn the last post, you heard Chris Brogan describe how important having a blog can become in the quest to be found more readily online. We know you’re awesome, but if no one can find you, does being awesome matter?

If you are now thinking about taking the plunge, you’ll want to be sure to watch this video first. Up next is bestselling author Jennifer Kushell, who suggests taking the time to become familiar with what others are doing online before submitting to the pressure to jump feet first into social media.

I was thrilled to meet Jennifer at BlogWorld a few days ago. She and I were already connected and communicating through Twitter, but there is nothing quite like having the opportunity to sit down together for lunch. Speaking of lunch, this is exactly when I pulled out the video camera, so please excuse the background noise. With everyone so excited to network with others they knew only virtually, escaping to a quiet spot simply wasn’t possible.

Jennifer, aka @ysnjen on Twitter, is well respected in the social media world for her insights into how to communicate and brand oneself in the fast-paced online world. She is the President of Young & Successful and the author of several books for the young entrepreneur.

Jennifer’s advice makes a great deal of sense. It is critical to observe first. For example, if you are thinking of starting a blog, invest time in reading others’ blogs, especially in your area of interest. What do you like about the blogs? What would you do differently in terms of content or design?

As with all things online, it is extremely important to have a plan and goals first. This meshes with #1 on my list of 11 Ways to Thrive on Twitter. With a strategy in place, execution is more focused and more likely to succeed.

Have you taken the time to be a consumer of content first before being a publisher? Is there a downside to taking such an approach?

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