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Is there anyone left among us who has not seen or been tagged by one of those “25 Random Things About Mememes? They are all the rage on blogs and Facebook, but enough already! I don’t think I could come up with 25 interesting things you’d want to know about me. Apparently, I’m not the only one. After reading some of the lists created, they seem to range from insightful and revealing to dull and boring.

In the spirit of keeping things simple and making networking fun, I’d like to know one thing about you. It can be something surprising, something no one else knows about you , a special accomplishment which is a source of pride, a unique experience you had while climbing Mt. Everest, whatever – it is up to you.

To kick things off, I’ll share that I once spent 18 months traveling on my own through Europe and the Middle East. I’d only planned to travel for about 3 weeks. Boarded the plane to London with a new backpack and a one-way ticket. A few snapshots: I befriended a woman in Aswan, Egypt with whom I shared no common language, yet we shared stories and swapped articles of clothing. I smuggled East German money through Checkpoint Charlie at the Berlin Wall, sweating as the guards searched the person next to me. I was attacked by swans while sailing off the coast of Sweden. I quickly learned that adding fruit to German beer is a slice of heaven. All that, and a few other things along the way, made it the experience of a lifetime.

Now, it’s your turn…I invite you to share one thing about you.

Image courtesy of suesviews