For any normal person, not connecting online for a short while doesn’t seem odd. In fact, it seems, well, normal. When I notice that someone hasn’t posted in a few days, I assume they are out and about living their lives.  When a social media geek like me doesn’t post updates to Facebook or Twitter and too many days have passed since my last blog post, people begin to wonder if I’ve fallen off the face of the Earth.

The good news is that gravity has not betrayed me. I’m still here, feet firmly planted on the ground. So, why the relative silence? Well, frankly, I’ve been tied up doing things which are more important that talking to you. Before you feel offended, please know that there is little I enjoy more than interacting with my friends and reaching out to help those new to social media learn what it’s all about.  You know it has to be something pretty important to keep me away from all this – and you.

I’m busy being a good daughter right now, at least trying to be. My mother had some fairly brutal surgery to fix something that needed some serious fixing. The initial problem aside, the surgery itself wasn’t a cakewalk and recovery requires time and hard work. Apparently, our bodies don’t like it much when people in white coats armed with sharp instruments get within close proximity.

I’m accustomed to the luxury of being able to work virtually. As long as I’ve got my laptop and a good wireless connection, I’m in business. Most of what I do, I can do from anywhere. No matter where I am, though, what I do need is time. I naively overestimated my control of this last variable. Cooking, washing dishes, doing laundry, encouraging/nudging her to do her exercises, counting pills, trips to the pharmacy and doctor appointments, communicating with friends and family members has been consuming all of my time and attention. (And, by the way, who knew that my mother had so many friends? When did that happen?)

What a wimp I am; especially when you consider that I’m healthy and not the one doing the real work here. There’s only so much we can do for someone who needs to heal, the hardest work is their job alone. I’ve got to say that she is one tough cookie. I’d be whining all day and not nearly as compliant when told that it’s time to exercise, eat or take medication. I’m happy to report that, thanks to her determination over the last few months and that of my fabulous brother, she is improving rapidly. I’m just playing a supporting role by putting in a cameo appearance.

Family is a an amazing construct. We grow up, move away and get one each other’s nerves from time to time (not naming any names here, but I’m sure the person responsible has a name that starts with an ‘I’). Still, when it comes to the important stuff, none of that nonsense matters.

Soon, my time will be my own again. Until then, I hope you’ll forgive me if I don’t seem as present as usual. I’ve got more important things to do right now.

Note to Mom (who sometimes reads my blog): Hi there! Stop slacking off at the computer reading your email, it’s time to do some more exercises. You are one strong broad! 🙂

Image courtesy of FUNKYAH.

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