Twitter Etiquette: Outside Voices, Inside Voices and Whispers

If you grew up with a mother anything like mine, many of your childhood memories include being shushed and reminded to use your inside voice. We had three voices, but the one we heard the most about was our inside voice. Heaven forbid we might say something too loudly and the neighbors would hear! Little did I know these voices would come in handy when thinking about Twitter.

What Was the Hottest Topic at LeWeb 2010?

With a two-day program filled with tech thought leaders and innovators, there was one subject which seemed to consistently rise about the rest and dominate so many of the conversations at LeWeb. What was it? Wikileaks. While I didn't go into LeWeb expecting to hear so many opinions about Wikileaks - it's mission, it's founder, it's future - it shouldn't have been a surprise. The issues surrounding Wikileaks and it's release of mountains of sensitive information exist at the intersection of privacy, safety, security, technology, social media and politics. With such a smart, savvy and international crowd, seemingly everyone had and interest and strong opinions on the matter.

How Not to Use Twitter For Business (DMV Edition)

Ugh. Does anyone like dealing with the DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles)? Seldom does a day go by without seeing a tweet or a post from some tortured soul waiting in a painfully long line at the DMV. Similar to that other beloved public agency, the IRS, the DMV has a reputation for confusing processes, no sense of customer service and an infrastructure stuck in the technological dark ages.

How Facebook Hurt My Feelings

I'm a fairly self-assured person. Sure, I have days where I wonder about my place in the world or why, despite my best efforts, I continue to have jiggly arms. Still, most days, I'm confident of my abilities, my fabulous sense of humor, my remarkably average looks and my good fortune to know lots of killer-smart people. How, then, with all this self-confidence, did Facebook manage to hurt my feelings?

Facebook Tip: How To Choose Who Can See Your Friends

If it feels like it is next to impossible to keep up with all of the changes Facebook seems to implement on a weekly basis, you are definitely not alone. What's public? What's private? How do I know who is seeing what I post? Staying on top of all the changes can be an overwhelming task indeed. One of the many recent tweaks which hasn't received much coverage is the ability to control who sees your list of friends. Most people don't seem to mind if the world can see who they're connected to on Facebook. Then again, is it that they don't mind or that they didn't know that they had a choice about it?

How Not to Use Twitter for Business (FroYo Edition)

I was a rabid frozen yogurt fan when it was all the rage in the 1980s. Then, like all good things I loved, it was sent out to pasture with my severely wide-legged pants, sweaters with shoulder pads and my Lionel Richie records*. The period of mourning has long since passed, but imagine my delight to see that frozen yogurt is now *in* once again. I was thrilled to see a new frozen yogurt shop open within walking distance of my home. OK, so it is wildly overpriced, but it's there and that's all that matters when I want a fix.

New Tool Makes My Email Work Harder and Smarter

Remember the old days when we began to use email for business communication and to send messages to multiple people simultaneously? Ok, so maybe I'm the only one who remembers when that was a big deal. It seems like eons ago, long before we tweeted and poked to get someone's attention. Not so fast. Email is still as important and relevant as it ever was. Two primary differences between email then and email now for me are:

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