After hearing Irene give a brief presentation we hired her to help our team with implementing LinkedIn in a more meaningful way. She is probably the first social media consultant I have seen that provided a clear, detailed approach to maximizing your profile. She has a deep understanding of the various metrics used by LinkedIn. I especially appreciated her guidance on the content of the profile and best practices – it can be a daunting task if you don’t approach it with a plan. I look forward to working with Irene again when we take on the next challenge of social media
Teresa Mason - TestimonialsTeresa Mason, Partner
I had the pleasure of having Irene speak at the Small Business Technology Tour 2012 – The audience learned, heck I learned and the information was stimulating and insightful. Irene’s a guru of online marketing and is a delight to work with.
Ramon Ray - TestimonialsRamon Ray, Small Business Evangelist
I recently worked with Irene to assist in creating a business consulting website. Irene provided valuable suggestions, insight and ideas and was overall an incredible help in getting my website off the ground. I really found Irene to be very knowledgeable about the online marketing and website construction. I highly recommend Irene for anyone who needs help with social media strategy issues.
Tony Hyams  - TestimonialsTony Hyams, Finance Consultant
Almost everything you need to know about Irene Koehler is in her business name, Almost Savvy—her wit, her generosity, her intelligence, her humility. And the notion that no matter how smart you are, you can always learn something new. Other social-media consultants sometimes make me feel as if I’m missing out or falling behind; Irene always makes me feel as though I’ve been welcomed to a wonderful party. She has a knack for breaking down key concepts without dumbing down the material, and she never forgets that the point of social media isn’t scoring points—it’s connecting with interesting people and sharing useful information.

And believe me: Irene’s a lot more than almost savvy. She’s an engaging speaker who’s as confident in front of a live audience as she is at her (very prolific) keyboard. She’s also a tremendous resource for people at every stage of their social-media experiences, but especially for nervous beginners—as I myself was when I first made Irene’s acquaintance. I’m happy to report that, thanks to Irene, I’m now almost savvy, too.

Nancy Friedman  - TestimonialsNancy Friedman, Chief Wordworker
Irene is well known and well trusted in the social network / social media world. She provides excellent advice on the subtleties of authentic and open communication of your best self, whether it’s on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn. Highly recommended!
Trevor Rotzien  - TestimonialsTrevor Rotzien, Product Management Director
Irene is a superlative consensus builder and strategic thinker. She listens carefully to input she receives from multiplicity of sources, synthesizes the information, puts her own stamp of wisdom on it, and produces outstanding results. She is tireless, dedicated and imaginative, and she coaxes better work from people than they ever thought they could produce.
Jane Mueller - TestimonialsJane Mueller, Marketing Communications Strategist
To my marketing friends out there–and I shouldn’t be giving away Irene and her prowess–if you’re not getting the most out of social networking sites like Linkedin, you are basically wasting your time.

Irene is quick. Able to perceptively pick up on your level of familiarity. And in a few sessions save you hours when it comes directing you to the nuances and potential this networking vehicle can provide.

I’ve already learned more in one hour than what had already taken me many, many more to navigate on my own and I am not a social networking illiterate. When the interface is less than friendly and the Q&As leave more ?s over your head she is the person you should engage with.

On top of that, Irene is personable, highly marketing savvy, speaks your language and runs a truly efficient and responsive enterprise.

Irene is worth your time. She can certainly save yours, so you can get back to work, networking as best you can. And oh, billing instead of bumbling?

Naomi Maloney  - TestimonialsNaomi Maloney, Marketing Communications Consultant

Recent feedback:

Olina Qian, Director of Membership Programs, CINA

It was our great honor to have Irene speak to the Chinese Information and Networking Association. CINA is a group of professionals and entrepreneurs who are interested in learning how to better use social media. She gave us a great session on how to use LinkedIn to market your business and strengthen your brand. It turned out to be one of the best events CINA has ever held. I am very impressed by Irene’s knowledge on social media marketing. She is a real pro who is able to make a complicated topic easy to understand by sharing the big picture about why social media is important and helping people feel comfortable starting to use it one step at a time. I am looking forward to inviting Irene come back again to provide more training for the CINA membership.

Chris Hamilton, e-Commerce Business Administrator, PwC

Irene is one of the best resources available to help you “get” social media. Her experience and skill will help you hone your goals and objectives, then use social media to pursue and achieve them. Her “Can I help” approach really crystallizes what social media is all about: bringing value to other people and earning their trust and, perhaps, their business.

Lynn Tomimoto, Vice President, Trade West Inc.:

I had the pleasure of attending two of Irene’s webinars on social networking and marketing and was delighted with the amount of information and knowledge I gained at both. Irene is a very skilled presenter who knows how to break down a potentially complex topic, making easy to understand, and extremely productive for her audience. An articulate and poised speaker, she makes everyone feel at ease and engaged. Both webinars were definitely time well spent! Thanks again Irene!

Mark Himmelstein, Partner, Newmeyer & Dillion LLP:
Irene presented an excellent introduction to Linkedin for a team of our attorneys and staff. Her webinar was concise and informative.

Anastasia Schuster, Owner/Founder, Access Inspiration:

Just took a “twebinar” from Irene about the basics of using Twitter from a professional perspective. It was awesome and something I highly recommend. Follow her on – IreneKoehler – and watch for a future twebinar. It was time VERY well spent!

Radi Shourbaji:
Irene is a giving trainer, blogger and power networker. She’s on top of the social media trends & tools and readily shares her expertise!