The Art of Saying Thank-You on Facebook

The Art of Saying Thank-You on Facebook

thumbs up guy - The Art of Saying Thank-You on FacebookYou’re on Facebook, right? Chances are that you’re one of the over 300 million people who have set-up a virtual home on Facebook because it is a great place to keep up with family and friends, as well as connecting with businesses and groups of interest.

It is also a place filled with fascinating information – blog posts, videos, photos and news articles. Recently, I’ve been asked several times about the proper etiquette when sharing this information. As we all know, etiquette is a relative concept, but with the introduction of “mentions” (similar to tagging) on Facebook, it is now easier than ever to share the information and let the person who originally posted it know that you appreciated it.

Rather than explain how to do this in writing, I think it might be simpler to demonstrate how this works step-by-step.

Other than the fact that I’m in serious need of better lighting (long story),? please let me know in the comments below if this was helpful to you. How are you using, or do you expect to use, the new “mentions” feature on Facebook?


(This is the first time I’ve used this new screencasting software. It didn’t come out exactly the way I’d hoped, but it gets the job done. The good news is that it’s all up from here! Take a look at a few seconds of one of my earlier, and ill-fated, attempts.)



  1. Napoleon October 6, 2009 at 1:22 am - Reply

    Thanks! Facebook @mentions are the proper way to credit my excellent facebook friends whenever I re-share a link or video.

    By the way, your earlier attempt was hilarious! I think your cat wants to do a screencast too.
    .-= Napoleon´s last blog ..P0_P0: @celsbels @irenekoehler cleaned up my phone: it fell in a li’l dirt. hope I stood in the right line 4 flu shot, only ladies in line+me. =-.

    • Irene Koehler October 6, 2009 at 12:33 pm - Reply

      For those of us using Twitter, the @mentions feature feels a little more familiar, but I’ve found that it is confusing to most everyone else. And, yeah, the cat – I had recorded several minutes before this happened. I was trying to nudge her out of view with my elbow, but you can see she had other plans.

  2. Anastasia Schuster October 6, 2009 at 8:12 am - Reply

    Hey Irene,

    This was very helpful. I’ve been using @ mentions to pull people into joint wall posts, but never as a way to thank the originator of something I shared. I haven’t been using FB professionally nor are the people I tend to be connected with so it didn’t occur to me to use the @ mention as a way to publicly thank them and bring attention to their profile. None the less, it is good etiquette so instead of just mentioning them, I’ll use the @ mention.

    • Irene Koehler October 6, 2009 at 12:36 pm - Reply

      Excellent point, Anastasia! Use of the @mentions feature is definitely not limited to thanking someone. It can be used for many purposes to let someone know you?re talking about (or to) them.

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