djgraphiteIf you believe Twitter is a place where only trivial information is shared, I invite you to read the “tweets” posted by Apple engineer, Mike Lee (@bmf) today. Read from the bottom up. Mike’s friend, Vinay Venkatesh (@djgraphite) died today as a result of a motorcycle accident here in the Bay Area.

I don’t know Mike, but his pain is real and palpable. I can’t begin to imagine his thoughts as he shared these updates on his friend’s condition with anyone who might be listening. As Robert Scoble (@scobleizer) tweeted tonight, “Who the hell said 140 characters can’t make a grown man cry?” From viewing others’ messages, I know we were not alone in feeling deeply moved by these very brief sentences.

bmf tweets


While Mike hasn’t tweeted anything further this evening, many have sent him messages of support and condolences, which will be there whenever he feels ready to read them.

Does social media allow for “real” connections? I defy you to say it doesn’t.

UPDATE: Brief news article about the tragic accident:


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