wikileaks 199x300 - What Was the Hottest Topic at LeWeb 2010?

With a two-day program filled with tech thought leaders and innovators, there was one subject which seemed to consistently rise about the rest and dominate so many of the conversations at LeWeb. What was it? Wikileaks.

While I didn’t go into LeWeb expecting to hear so many opinions about Wikileaks – it’s mission, it’s founder, it’s future – it shouldn’t have been a surprise. The issues surrounding Wikileaks and its release of mountains of sensitive information exist at the intersection of privacy, safety, security, technology, social media and politics. In the midst of a smart, savvy and international crowd, seemingly everyone had an interest and strong opinions on the matter.

I found the opportunity to listen to such diverse ideas rising from the multicultural group fascinating. We talked, we argued, we blamed. Well, OK, most often I got blamed. In several of the conversations, I was the only one present from the United States and was asked repeatedly to explain why the US would allow a relatively low-level 22 year-old access to such information. The blaming was all in good fun, but the exchanges were open and enlightening.

While you aren’t able to listen in on those dinner conversations from last week, I invite you to watch the LeWeb Media Panel, on which traditional and new media experts shared their views on Wikileaks, what some see as censorship and the future of sharing such confidential information.

The panel included:

  • Adrian Monck, Managing Director, Head of Communications & Media, World Economic Forum (Moderator)
  • Julio Alonso, Founder & CEO, Weblogs SL
  • Pierre Chappaz, Founder & CEO, Wikio
  • Kenneth “KC” Estenson, Senior Vice President & General Manager,
  • Gabe Rivera, Founder & CEO, Techmeme
  • Ben Rooney, Technology Editor, The Wall Street Journal Europe

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