blogI am *so* not a Las Vegas person. All the lights, people, gambling and drinking really aren’t my thing. Why then would I be packing to spend a few days in to Vegas?

If you’re thinking there must be a pretty compelling reason, you’re right. I’m excited to be attending BlogWorld in Las Vegas this year, along with thousands of other bloggers. Bloggers with a huge following, bloggers just getting started. Mommy bloggers, military bloggers, real estate bloggers. Lots of social media bloggers. Here a blogger, there a blogger…

My goals are to learn from others’ blogging experiences and to network with people I know “virtually” but have never met in person. My other goal is to be your representative at the conference. I’ll be taking my video camera with me and hope to interview some of the bloggers I meet. I plan to post the interviews online to share them with you.

What would you like me to ask them? Do you have questions about which blogging platform is best for beginners? Wondering why someone would decide to blog in the first place? Best ways to drive traffic to your blog? Favorite plug-ins for managing comments?

Please add your questions in the comments area below. BlogWorld has a jam-packed schedule of conference sessions, networking, and socializing, but I will do my best to get you some feedback and advice in response to your questions.

Vegas, here I come.